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There will no longer be sales on this LiveJournal. All items will be moved to my eCrater store here. I may have best offers for rare items here occasionally, but the majority of entries will now be Friends Only. It is not necessary to be my friend in order to see the best offers, although you can add me if you'd like to be updated on any best offers.

NEW eCrater Store here.

If there are any questions about international shipping, please message me.

My Ebay auctions are here.
My Etsy shop is here.
My eCrater shop is here.

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natto, restaurant, happy, family


If there are any problems (such as not having received an item), email me first and I'll see what I can do. Otherwise, please leave feedback after you have received your item! Thank you! ^___^

Feedback is NOT deleted.

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Deadbeats/Scammers/Black List

Deadbeat, makes up excuses.
Anna (
Kristen B. (
Natasha C. (
Scammer, bad seller, liar.
Bad seller, liar, rude.
Deadbeat, changes mind often and wastes time.
Bad seller, liar, rude.
Deadbeat, didn't send payments after 2 weeks even after confirmation.
Annoying. Repeatedly asks questions without the intent to purchase.
xoxoxowithlove / xoroxstarbunni 
Deadbeat. I held items for her for 2 weeks, but repeatedly gave me excuses for why she couldn't pay. Also promised me payment 3-4 times without sending it. In the end, she ignored my requests for payment. This has happened more than once. A complete waste of time.
Deadbeat. I held items for her for 2 weeks with no communication or payment. Waste of time.
Annoying. Repeatedly asks questions without the intent to purchase (has done this over 7 times within the course of a year). According to her blog, she is 13. A waste of time.

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August/September Kawaii Raffle

For every $10 you spend at my eCrater shop, you receive 1 raffle ticket. This does not include shipping. For example, if your total order is $24.50, but $4.50 is for shipping, you will only receive 2 raffle tickets. Or if your total is $50, but shipping is $10, then you will only receive 4 raffle tickets. Please note that raffle tickets will be given out per order. This means that if you make a $7 order (not including shipping) and then make a $13 order (not including shipping), you will only get 1 raffle ticket, not 2, because the first order was only $7. If you purchase $150+ worth of items, you will still get free shipping (within the U.S. only) and 15 raffle tickets. =)

This raffle starts on August 2 at 12 AM EST and will end on September 15, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST so please make your orders before the last day in order to receive your raffle tickets. The number of raffle tickets you receive will be shown below. After you have made an order and paid, I will automatically give you the raffle tickets. Raffle tickets are non-transferable. Once the raffle ends, I will create "tickets" with your names on them and have my brother draw your name out of a jar. A video showing the drawing will be posted. If you have a lot of tickets or there aren't that many entries, you will have a greater chance of winning. ^__^ If there are less than 15 people total participating in the raffle, you may not win more than 1 prize. This is so that the prizes are more evenly distributed.

The prizes are free for the winners and I will pay for shipping the prize as well to wherever you are in the world. =D

If there are any other questions, please feel free to email/message me.

The raffle is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who participated! The winners will be drawn Sept. 16 and announced on Sept. 17. A video will be posted of the drawing and the winners notified. =) Please note that I am not responsible for lost/damaged prizes once they leave my hands.

Congratulations to the winners!
First Prize: Brenda D.
Second Prize: Yanna C.
Third Prize: Brenda D.
Fourth Prize: Celia C.

Here are the links to the drawing:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

First Prize: Q-Lia Very Much Mushroom Sticker Sack - Brand new.

Second Prize: Q-Lia Candy Rabiland Sticker Sack - Brand new.

Third Prize: Kamio Happiness Animals Sticker Sack - Brand new.

Fourth Prize: Two Rare Lemon Co. Mini Sticker Sheets - Brand new.

Each raffle ticket is represented as:
Please note that I will be using your first name and the first letter of your last name. The list is alphabetical by first name.

Brenda D. -
Celia C. -
Cheryl C. -
Christine S. -
Clara W. -
Della P. -
Edna Z. -
Janice D. -
Kathy T. -
Lisa N. -
Lisa S. -
Marya P. -
Rebecca T. -
Veronique V. -
Yanna C. -
Zihui Z. -

natto, restaurant, happy, family

Huge Wish List Items

Ah, I really want these things at the moment. I'd be willing to pay $40+ for them. xD If you're willing to trade/sell, please let me know. =)

There's more I'll probably add, but these two are at the top of my Wish List right now. Sorry for the crappy formatting. I'm still trying to figure out how to format it properly.